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Our Music Courses:

We are offering group music lessons based on the famous Kodály method. The Kodály Method uses relative sol-fa, a very logical way of understanding and hearing music.
To grow up with this method gives a unique knowledge and relationship with music and this is the way to become an appreciator of music as well as a good musician.
Kodály said that music is for everyone - and as such it is something that can positively change people's personality, abilities and quality of life, to become well rounded individuals.

To further this goal we are offering the following courses:


Music group lessons for beginners


From age 4.
The groups are organized into different age groups. Highly recommended before starting the instrumental lessons. (Entry 1-2 for younger children, level 1-2 from age 6.)
We offer entertaining and fun lessons with music games, singing, dancing, active listening, using drums and percussions. The children's musicianship is improved step by step as they learn to understand, read and write music in a unique and successful way.

Music/Theory group lessons


For children who have already started instrumental lessons and their knowledge of music theory is at least grade 2.

The groups are organized according to the children's age and music theory level.  The Kodály Method advances the children's musicianship and will improve their instrumental playing. We will bring them closer to enjoying music with plenty of singing, aural practices and music games and advance their hearing, understanding, reading and writing of music.

The lessons will include regular music listening and music history activities.

Individual Piano Lessons

Face to face/online

Ages 5-99 years!

For children and adults, at all grades, working with music pupils or professional pianists - it depends on their personality and  ability.

The lessons are based on the famous Kodály Method and Hungarian Piano Teaching Method.  

Our students achieve regularly high marks on the ABRSM Exams.

Concerts are organized every year.






Additional Courses

Face to face/online

(According to students' goals)

Sight singing, Sight reading, Aural training


Music Theory with listening

Music History etc.


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